• Welcome to the New Chilean Cuisine


    The new  elegant and innovative Chilean cuisine is preserving the same fresh and aromatic ingredients while also adding historical flavors with cutting-edge culinary techniques.

New Beginnings

Our Story

Created for lovers of good food, in the best atmosphere and with pleasant attention.
We offer a variety of flavors inspired by the good palate of Chilean food and
creativity of new flavors giving you the best gastronomic experience of The New Chilean cuisine.

Food Varieties

Our Menu

The menu combines a variety of flavors of Chilean cuisine. Highlighting each dish with different flavors of our seafood, fish and meat, as well as our wine list that complements the tempting menu of white and red meats.

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  • Chorito a la Chalaca

    Mussels, corn, cilantro and red onions
  • Humitas

    Chilean vegan sweet tamale, Corn, Basil and Onion
  • Empanada de Carne

    Baked beef pie, Olives, hard eggs and raisin
  • Empanada de Marisco

    Baked mixed seafood pie
  • Empanada de Queso

    Fried cheese pie
  • Empanada Champignon Queso

    Fried mushroom and cheese pie
  • Empanada Camaron Queso

    Fried shrimp cheese pie
  • Palta Reina

    Avocado Hass with stuffed chicken pate mayo
  • Palta Cardenal

    Avocado Hass stuffed with shrimp mayo
  • Almejas en Salsa Verde

    Raw Clams with onions, parsley and lemon juice
  • Camarones al Pil-Pil

    Shrimp in spicy white wine and garlic sauce
  • Guacamole de Camarones con Tostones

    Guacamole with shrimp and tostones


Zapallar Restaurant is the perfect opportunity to complete your memories with its flavors of Chilean cuisine. We are always attentive to new regulations for the safety of our customers and employees.


At Zapallar Restaurant we have a pleasant and welcoming environment to enjoy special events with the ideal infrastructure
for parties and everything you need to celebrate in style.


Your next birthday come celebrate with us!

We will propose a menu for your celebration to guarantee that you only have to worry about celebrating!


Enjoy the exquisiteness of our home made pastries and desserts. Cakes for Weddings, Birthdays, Celebrations and Special Events.

Our Customers

This is what our customers say, it is a pleasure to serve you at Zapallar restaurant in North Bergen.