Zapallar Menu

Zapallar Restaurant Menu


  • Ceviche Mixto

    Fresh raw fish cured in fresh lime juice, seafood and red onions
  • Consome de Pollo

    Homemade chicken broth with egg and cilantro
  • Caldo de Marisco

    Small seafood soup
  • Chorito a la Chalaca

    Mussels, corn, cilantro and red onions
  • Humitas

    Chilean vegan sweet tamale, Corn, Basil and Onion
  • Empanada de Carne

    Baked beef pie, Olives, hard eggs and raisin
  • Empanada de Marisco

    Baked mixed seafood pie
  • Empanada de Queso

    Fried cheese pie
  • Empanada Champignon Queso

    Fried mushroom and cheese pie
  • Empanada Camaron Queso

    Fried shrimp cheese pie
  • Palta Reina

    Avocado Hass with stuffed chicken pate mayo
  • Palta Cardenal

    Avocado Hass stuffed with shrimp mayo
  • Almejas en Salsa Verde

    Raw Clams with onions, parsley and lemon juice
  • Camarones al Pil-Pil

    Shrimp in spicy white wine and garlic sauce
  • Guacamole de Camarones con Tostones

    Guacamole with shrimp and tostones
  • Carpaccio de Salmon Ahumado

    Smoked salmon with lemon, spanish capers and parmesan cheese

Pastas Zapallar

  • Penne Marinera

    Penne pasta with seafood cream
  • Fettuccine al Pesto (Vegan)

    Fettuccine pesto sauce with walnuts
  • Spaghetti Bolonesa

    With beef in red sauce
  • Ravioli de Langosta

    Lobster Ravioli on pink sauce


  • Filet Mignon

    Grilled filet mignon with mushroom sauce
  • Lomo a lo Pobre

    Beef tenderloin with sauteed onions, eggs and french fries
  • Churrasco a la Plancha

    Grilled skirt steak
  • Parrilladas para 2

    Pork chop, chicken, beef ribs, beef, chorizo, backed potatoes and one double side choice btw rice, salad, tostones, or maduros
  • Chorrillana Personal

    Sauteed beef and onions mixed scramble eggs,chorizo and french fries
  • Chorrillana Mixta

    Sauteed beef, shrimp, chorizo, chicken and onions mixed with eggs and fries
  • Pastel de Choclo

    Baked corn souffle with ground beef, chicken, olives, basil and hard-boiled egg
  • Carne a la Cacerola

    Beef stew in white wine sauce with vegetables
  • Carne Mechada

    Eye round stuffed with carrots and garlic
  • Pechuga de Pollo

    Grilled boneless chicken breast
  • Cazuela de Res

    Rib of beef soup with vegetables, potatoes, pumpkin and corn


  • Mero en Salsa de Alcaparras

    Grilled Chilean sea bass with caapers cream sauce
  • Pescado a lo Macho

    Steam fish with shrimp, calamari, onion and tomatoes
  • Pescado Frito

    Fried fish fillet Chilean style
  • Pescado Margarita

    Grilled fish fillet with seafood cream sauce
  • Salmon Zapallar

    Grilled salmon with seafood sauce
  • Chupe de Marisco

    Creamy seafood soup
  • Marisco Zapallar

    Mixed seafood cooked with tomatoes, onions and coriander
  • Chaufa de Camarones

    Shrimp fried rice
  • Paila Marina

    Seafood soup and fish


  • Ensalada Chilena

    Tomatos, onions, coriander and garlic
  • Ensalada de Porotos Verdes

    String beans salad
  • Ensalada Surtida

    Tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber
  • Ensalada Apio-Palta

    Celery and avocado hass
  • Tabbouleh Salad Palestine

    Bulgur wheat, tomatoes, cucumber, olive oil and parsley
  • Zapallar Salad

    Green mixed salad with shrimp, smoked salmon and JC dressing


  • Pure de Papas

    Homemade mashed potatoes
  • Arroz Blanco

    White rice (vegan)
  • Tostones

    Fried green plantains (vegan)
  • Frijoles Negros

    Black beans (vegan)
  • Papas Fritas

    French fries (vegan)
  • Maduros

    Fried sweet plantain (vegan)
  • Arroz Palestino

    Rice, pasta and garlic
  • Yuca Frita

    Fried Yuca (vegan)

We are now proudly serving wines from

Villa Milagro Vineyards

Villa Milagro is a small, privately owned winery that produces boutique wines in limited quantities. Fans and customers of the winery appreciate the experience of enjoying wines that are unique and memorable.

Wine List

  • Luz del Sol 2017

    A classic East Coast Chardonnay -crisp, smooth, dry with strong varietal flavors. Pairs well with fish, chicken, cream sauces and other light fare, Dry White.
  • Delicado

    A delicate wine, punctuated by a crisp acidity, delicado is aromatic, fruity and refreshing. Pairs with shellfish and other delicate dishes.
  • Rosita

    Full of fruity perfumed notes and slightly sweet, this blush wine is light and clean. Pairs well with lightly savory dishes. Semi sweet Blush.
  • Incendio 2017

    Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc with Merlot Deeply delicious wine to pair with savory beef & pork dishes as well as spicy cuisine. Dry Red.
  • Fuego 2017

    A blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, this classic Bordeaux style full-bodied, oaked wine goes well with lamb, grilled steaks, beef dishes and other hearty fare. Dry Red.
  • Casi Dulce

    A light and lovely blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and other reds, this slightly (casi) sweet (dulce) wine pairs well with tomato sauces and spicy food. Off Dry Red.


Monday through Friday 12:00 to 3:30 PM
Lunch All Day To Go $10.00 Pick Up Only.

Order at (201) 751-5568


The new Chilean cuisine, innovative, elegant preserving the same fresh and aromatic ingredients also adding historical flavors with cutting-edge culinary techniques.
At Zapallar Restaurant we have a pleasant and welcoming environment to enjoy special events with the ideal infrastructure
for parties and everything you need to celebrate in style.

Sweets, Cakes and Desserts

In zapallar restaurant you will find not only Chilean desserts but also a variety of celebration cakes to accompany you on birthdays, weddings, graduations and in your best moments. Request a Free Quote or Cal Us at (201) 751-5568.